About efs

Economics and Finance Society BEA HKU (EFS) is one of the largest non-profit-making student-run organizations in The University of Hong Kong since its establishment in 1940.
EFS was once named Economics Society, as School of Economics was renamed as School of Economics and Finance in 1994, Economics Society also became today's Economics and Finance Society. Last year, more than 2,000 students have been enrolled as Members of EFS and this covers more than one-sixth of the students in The University of Hong Kong. This year, we will continue to strive for the best in fulfiling our mission.

Founding Aims

To encourage the study of economics and finance, social and political condition, particularly those of Hong Kong and the Far East
To promote understanding and the general welfare among Members of the Society
To train up future business leaders



Commitment to Excellence

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Economics and Finance Society has a long and splendid history of more than 82 years. Throughout these 82 years, we hold steadfastly the same belief - Commitment to Excellence. Stepping into the 83rd  year, we promise that we will keep the brilliance.

1940 Economics Society (ES) was established
1957 Economics Society held the first Annual Ball
1967 AIESEC and Economics Society merged to form AIESEC ES
1970 The first Budget Talk was held
1994 ES changed its name to EFS
2000 - 2001 AIESEC and EFS separated formally
2007 Economics and Finance Society, Alumni Association was established

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The constitution of Economics and Finance Society BEA HKU is available here.

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Hot-To-Go is the traditional cheers that symbolizes the spirit of our Society. The lyrics of the cheers are shown below:


*E-F-S hot-to-go
Ar ha, hot-to-go
Ar ha, hot-to go*
(Repeat * 2 times)

#We said get, get, get on down# (Repeat # 2 times)

Come on everybody, let’s shake the floor,
And we start to sing, when I count to four,
I say one (one), two (two), three (three), four (four),

EFS unite and show our might,
(EFS unite and show our might)
And show them how we work and play,
(And show them how we work and play)
We work in the day and party in the night,
(We work in the day and party in the night)
We boogie till the night is end,
(We boogie till the night is end)

We are, we are EFS, EFS,
We are, we are EFS, Kong U EFS.

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